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March 1, 2015

The Buffalo History Museum

solar 4

climate change josh foxConceived and directed by Oscar-Nominated and Emmy-Winning filmmaker and activist Josh Fox, The Solutions Grassroots Tour:  “A Solar Home Companion” combines classic storytelling and great music with roll-up-your sleeves organizing to look at the impacts of fossil fuel development and provide a vision for developing renewable energy like no other event on the planet.

This program was sponsored in Buffalo by: Sierra Club Niagara Group; UB School of Architecture and Planning, WNY Environmental Alliance

Additional Sponsors included: League of Women Voters, Buffalo Niagara; Renewable Energy Task Force, WNY Peace Center; WNY Drilling Defense

Writers Group Session featured a presentation from Aaron Bartley Executive Director of PUSH Buffalo

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Aaron’s topic will be: Energy Democracy!

pushAaron Bartley

 What can we learn from Germany?  Aaron recently traveled to Germany and witnessed entire communities that produce, maintain, distribute, and sell their own renewable energy.   Let’s hear what he learned and how PUSH Buffalo sees it applying to WNY!

 Climate Change Lecture

We are posting this by request from Brian Webb, the Sustainability Coordinator at Houghton College. A great opportunity…

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Tuesday, February 17 at 8:30 pm in the Center for the Arts Recital Hall, Houghton College.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University will be lecturing on climate change.  Dr. Hayhoe is a world renowned climate scientist with more than 100 peer reviewed publications to her credit.  She has served as an expert reviewer on the Nobel prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and last year was named to Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world list.  Dr. Hayhoe is not only a top climate scientist but also a Christian, and she specializes in communicating the science of climate change so as to overcome common sources of skepticism—particularly within the faith community.


Gov. Cuomo’s State of State Address

fracking victory 2

We are going to Albany to celebrate the hard work of fracktivists across the state & to hold Gov. Cuomo accountable, and to thank Gov. Cuomo for his leadership. More importantly, we will be there to push the Governor toward the next step which is investing in renewable energy in NY so that we do not fall victim to fracking due to fossil fuel needs in the future.

What: Thank Governor Cuomo for Fracking Ban and Promote Renewable Energy
When: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Time: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Where: Concourse Hallways, outside the entrance to the Convention Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York

Victory for Our Endorsed Candidates!

An immense thank you to our members who phone banked, walked door to door, wrote letters to the papers and sent out mailings for Marc Panepinto!


“I am honored to receive the Sierra Club endorsement,” said Democrat Marc Panepinto. “The Sierra Club in Western New York promotes clean environment, job generation, and economic growth from clean production. This endorsement signals my commitment to the issues and dedication to action.” “We are looking forward to working with Marc in Albany on these important environmental issues, especially those related to climate disruption. It is urgent that we move from fossil fuels, including fracking, to the free energy from the sun, wind and earth,” said Robert Ciesielski, Chair of the NYS Atlantic Chapter’s Energy Committee. “And Marc knows that we can make this energy transition while creating good jobs that build on our manufacturing and trades traditions.”

Global Frackdown

Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout, Health and Climate Experts, Artists and 100 Buffalo Residents Rallied Against Fracking in Global Frackdown

Buffalo Community Calls on Governor Cuomo to Ban Fracking

BUFFALO, NY (Saturday, October 18) - Over 100 Buffalo residents, artists, and health and climate experts joined activists around the world to speak out against fracking as part of the Global Frackdown today in Bidwell Park. The Buffalo event was part of a worldwide day of action, with communities across the globe organizing rallies against fracking. Residents in Buffalo called for Governor Cuomo to protect their health and safety and enact a statewide ban on fracking. On Thursday, members of the Concerned Health Professionals of NY renewed their call for the governor to consider the growing body included in their Compendium of the scientific, medical, and media findings showing the risks and harms of fracking.

Last month the People’s Climate March in New York City prompted 400,000 people to demand solutions to climate change, which means stopping harmful practices such as fracking. In Buffalo, residents continued the call for investment in renewable energy toward Governor Cuomo instead of furthering fossil fuel development by allowing fracking. Saturday’s events included a morning rally with local experts discussing the growing body of evidence connecting fracking to harmful health outcomes, a community speak-out opposing fracking, and music and entertainment.

Rita Yelda of Food & Water Watch said, “The people of Buffalo are taking a stand against fracking and making their voices heard, as part of the growing opposition to fracking throughout New York. Like much of the state, we too demand that Governor Cuomo keep fracking out to protect public health, and instead focus on developing the renewable energy sources that will make our state a national and international model while giving New Yorkers a chance at a healthy future.”

“Andrew Cuomo can be remembered as the Governor who banned fracking, or as the Governor who poisoned our state. Science and New Yorkers are on the side of a ban; big money is on the side of fracking. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, ‘a nation that poisons it’s soil poisons itself,’” added Zephyr Teachout, Fordham Law Professor and noted activist.

“Fracking is an inherently dangerous practice that threatens to harm New York’s residents, industries and environment,” said Julia White of NYPIRG. “Students are here today to tell Governor Cuomo to do what’s best for our health, safety and communities and ban fracking.”

“The amount of evidence linking fracking to various lung and skin diseases and other health problems is alarming,” said Mary Herbst, RN and member of Concerned Health Professionals of NY. “As a nurse and New Yorker, I expect Governor Cuomo and all of New York’s elected officials to fulfill their responsibility to protect public health by keeping fracking out of our state.”

“Fracking would put those of us living upstate at considerable risk of increased air pollution and the contamination of both local water supplies and the Great Lakes,” said Lynda Schneekloth of the Sierra Club Niagara Group. “A statewide ban on fracking is the only way we can protect future generations of Buffalo residents and all New Yorkers from considerable harm as fracking has a broad range of negative environmental and health impacts on communities.”

“Governor Cuomo should focus on investing in sustainable, renewable energy sources here in New York,” said John Washington of PUSH Buffalo. “Bringing fracking to New York will forever threaten our natural resources and public health, while distracting us from a move towards a renewable energy future.”

Sponsors of the Global Frackdown in Buffalo included Sierra Club Niagara Group, PUSH Buffalo, NYPIRG at Buffalo State, Food & Water Watch, New Yorkers Against Fracking, Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment, Western NY Peace Center, Western NY Drilling Defense, Protecting Our Water Rights (POWR), and Nurse Rise – Nurses for Safe Water.

The Frackdown also featured music and performances by local artists opposed to fracking, including The Nickel City String Band, My Rap Name is Alex, Dave Harter, Tyler Wescott, and Active Hope.


The Global Frackdown will unite concerned citizens everywhere for a day of action to send a message to elected officials in our communities and across the globe that we want a future powered by clean, renewable energy, not dirty, polluting fossil fuels. The journey to a renewable energy future will not be fueled by shale gas. Climate scientists warn that continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic climate change.


Cosponsors include Sierra Club Niagara Group, PUSH Buffalo, NYPIRG at Buffalo State, Food & Water Watch, New Yorkers Against Fracking, Western NY Drilling Defense, and more!

MAP Press Event!

Come to 389 Massachusetts Avenue in Buffalo’s west side, on Tuesday, October 7th at 10:00 AM

Massachusetts Avenue Project, community garden, is holding a press event as they break ground for an new Farmhouse & Community Food Center. They are looking for your help and support! Go to for more information.