Alleghany National Forest

Most of you are familiar with the 500,000 Acre Alleghany National Forest in Pennsylvania immediately south of Alleghany State Park.

Some of you have camped and hiked there. In recent years it has been subjected to heavy gas oil and lumber extraction. Now the National Forest service is planning clear cutting and use of defoliants in 5,000 acres of the Forest in the Morrison Run region. The project area is directly adjacent to the Tracy Ridge National Recreation Area and the Sugar Run/Chestnut Ridge proposed wilderness area. The project area also includes Kinzua Bay, Chappel Bay, Rimrock, Kinzua Beach, Kinzua Heights, Pine Grove, Morrison Run, the National Scenic Byway, the North Country National Scenic Trail, and the Morrison Trail.

We need you to write a brief letter or email to the Forest Service saying why you think the planned clear cutting should not happen.

Here is a sample letter to send to the Forest Service: AlleghanyForest_letter. You can use this wording, but your own is even better. We want the forest service to know that the Sierra Club is allied with the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) and the Alleghany Defense Project (ADP) in this opposition. More information and a map are available at these websites.

Click here for further details of the Forest Service’s proposed plan for the area.

Letters can be sent to:

Anthony V. Scardina
Allegheny National Forest
4 Farm Colony Drive
Warren, PA 16365


Michelle Tamez
USDA Forest Service
Allegheny National Forest
29 Forest Service Dr .
Bradford, PA 16701
email: comments-eastern-allegheny-bradford (at)