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URGENT: Stand Up Against Attacks on Clean Water

TAKE ACTION – Please Submit Comment to EPA

SAY NO to Proposed Gutting of the Clean Water Act



Comments are due by October 21.

Go here for a sample letter and ideas for personal comments to add.

Instead of protecting our water, the EPA is trying to roll back environmental protections and make it easier for the fossil fuel industry to pollute our waters.

This time it is Section 401 of the Clean Water Act that is under attack. The 401 gives States and Tribes the right to regulate and protect waterways.  Section 401 was used when NYSDEC denied the Water Quality Certification for the Northern Access Pipeline, protecting 192 streams in Western NY and now the EPA wants to take away these protections.

A new proposed rule would significantly limit the ability for States and Tribes to protect their water quality and expedite fossil fuel development. Fracked gas pipelines, coal plants, and other dirty energy sources devastate and pollute our waterways; and now the EPA wants to destroy one of the only ways States and Tribes have to keep our waters drinkable, fishable and swimmable. 

Don’t let them get away with it. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW by submitting comment to tell the EPA to uphold our basic clean water protections!!

To maximize your impact, make sure you add a personal comment about what clean water means to you. EPA needs to know just how many people don’t want handouts for polluters, demand the Clean Water Act stay intact!

Please also request that the comment period be extended and that more hearings are held across the country. There has only been one hearing on this crucial matter, in Salt Lake City.


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NYSDEC denied the necessary 401 Water Certification based on the serious environmental impact.

NYSDEC ruled on time in April 2017 but now FERC and National Fuel are back at it, attempting to plow ahead across 192 WNY waterways. We will continue to oppose this and uphold NYSDEC’s decision and NY’s right to protect our waterways.

Despite NYSDEC’s denial of the Northern Access Pipeline Project, National Fuel continues attempts to move ahead. As they PERSISTNoNAPL Coalition will RESIST from the fracking fields in PA and northward through Western NY. We teamed up with Sane Energy and 350.org as part of their statewide Sit-Stand-Sing, the many roles of non-violent direct action tour. We had an amazing day of training and community building, now let’s come together to plan next actions!


West Valley Nuclear Waste Facility Clean-Up


After nearly 40 years of deliberation, the Department of Energy (DOE) will be making its final decision as to what to do with the Nuclear Waste at the West Valley Site.

Find More Information About West Valley Clean-Up Here  

There is also information here at Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Let’s Make Electric Buses Happen for Western NY!

Zero Emission Electric Buses by 2019

e bus

Thanks everyone for your help!

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