Northern Access Pipeline Information

Stop the Fracked Gas PipelineTo help prepare comments for the DEC Hearings and to submit written comment we have many suggestions. All of us here in WNY should have serious concerns about this fracked gas pipeline. For landowners and those who feel a very direct impact we encourage you to share your personal stories of how this pipeline project would disrupt your life.

Please remember to include in your comments to the DEC, a request for an extension of the comment period (right now we have until Feb. 24th), more hearings and opportunity for questions and answers from the DEC. Also in addition to comments submitted at the hearings we need to send in written comments to:

Michael Higgins, NYSDEC Division of Environmental Permits, 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-1750.

Fact Sheets and Resources to help with comments – there are many, many issues. We will add more resources here if they come in so check back. Please Email us at if you have more ideas or questions.

DEC Environmental Notice Bulletin for written and oral comments 

DEC Concerns

NAPL TALKING POINTS                                      Dehydrator Concerns

Concerns Regarding Pipeline                            FAQ Regarding Dehydrator

New Gas Pipelines Could Face EU Test (we should not be creating new markets for heat trapping methane and the foreign market even want this gas as they make the needed transition to renewable energy. Everyone in the world understands the seriousness of climate change except the U.S.

METHANE: NY’s Dirty Addiction to Shale Gas– Cornell Professors Howarth, Ingraffea and Schue with recent report showing the extremely dangerous situation and trend NY is on with increasing it’s consumption of shale gas since the fracking ban has been put in place.

Ozone From Methane – Health Impacts


Significance of Emissions from Compressor Stations (Grant Application to Study) by David O. Carpenter, MD Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, A Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization, University at Albany