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Climate and Clean Energy Writers Group:  A public education and outreach project of the Sierra Club Niagara Group Energy Committee.

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The Writers Group meets monthly to hear a short presentation on a relevant topic, discuss energy related news, letters and articles, and encourage each other to write for publication on topics of interest. All are welcome to attend.

Recent Monthly Meeting Topics: 

June 2017 Electric Buses – Judah Aber, Co founder of EB START Consulting dedicated to assisting transit agnecies with the transition to electric buses.

April 2017 The Transition to Clean Energy in Germany – How Government, Labor, Environmentalists and the Political Parties interact. Richard Lipsitz, President, WNY Area Labor Federation.

January 2017 Gas is a Problem Not a Solution  – showing of report from Cornell professors that use of methane in NY has grown since the fracking ban and is a serious threat to meeting greenhouse gas climate goals. Rob Galbraith from Public Accountability Initiative presented regarding National Fuel’s funding of the proposed fracked gas Northern Access Pipeline.

December 2016 Kids Speak Out for a Sustainable World – Eating and Growing Locally by Student Sophia McShane and The Future by Student Evan Haeick, Kidwind by Any Lueth

September 2016 Agnes Williams Coordinator of Indigenous Women’s Initiatives – Dakota Access Pipeline

June 2016 film and discussion “Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution is Now” Narrated by Mark Ruffalo.

April 2016 Eric Walker, Director of Energy Development and Management for Erie County, presented on the County’s greenhouse gas initiative and plans for renewable energy.

March 2016 Bo Shuff, Apex Clean Energy, Lighthouse Wind Project.

February 2016 Ron Scott of the Citizens Climate Lobby, Carbon Tax.

January 2016 Roots of Domination, The Doctrine of Discovery by Agnes Williams, Coordinator at Indigenous Women’s Initiatives

November 2015 Truth to Power: Rob Galbraith, Research Analyst at Public Accountability Initiative on Researching Power Relations and Geoff Kelly Editor of The Public on Alternative Media in WNY.

October 2015 Thom Fleckenstein of Niagara Wind and Solar gave a most informative presentation on remote net metering and community wind.

August 2015 Solar City Jobs

May 2015 Rethink Extinct, Karen Wallace and Sarajane Gumiak-Green from the Buffalo Science Museum gave us an insight into their new permanent exhibit that explores the five mass extinctions in Earth’s history as well as how humans may be driving the next mass extinction.

April 2015 Rita Yelda (WNY Drilling Defense) , Charley Bowman (WNY Peace Center Renewable Energy Task Force) and Jean Dickson (a neighbor of the oil train route in Buffalo) presented on the Bomb Trains. The issue of explosions and devastation resulting from transporting oil via trains is in the news lately – we found out what it’s all about and what the local dangers may be. WNY Drilling Defense says: “According to the Wall Street Journal, Erie County sees about 27.5 trains weekly carrying Bakken crude oil. Oil trains are more than a mile-long with 100+ cars, which only concentrates the risk of an accident..”

March 2015 Aaron Bartley, Executive Director of PUSH Buffalo gave an informative and engaging report of his visit to Germany where he witnessed entire communities that produce, maintain, distribute, and sell their own renewable energy. We heard what he learned and how PUSH Buffalo sees it applying to WNY.

January 2014 The presenter was Walter Simpson former UB Energy Officer and Director of UB Green. His presentation was titled “The Case for Renewable Energy”.

December 2014 The presenter was Dave Majewski of  Premium Services, Inc. His topic was mitigating climate change by pulling existing GHGs from the atmosphere.

November 2014 – Bill Nowak answered many questions with his presentation on geothermal for heating and cooling, explaining how a system works and the important role of geothermal as part of a sustainable energy future.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE – The Sierra Club has set up a Climate and Clean Energy Writers Group to encourage a stronger voice for local advocates in the regional dialogue on climate change and renewable energy.  We meet monthly to hear a short presentation on a relevant topic, discuss energy related news, letters and articles, and encourage each other to write for publication on topics of interest.

We are seeking writers of all ages and are very interested in getting the word out via various media, including print and the internet.  If you would like to write, critique writing, or track local news items, please let us know via email c/o billnowa@gmail.com.

What is the process:

You are encouraged at any time to write letters to the editor, op eds, blogs – any way to express your opinion about climate and clean energy issues.

There is no process required.  If you would like us to help you with fact checking or editing, or any form of encouragement, please contact billnowa@gmail.com.

The monthly meetings are meant to provide stimulating information and a chance to talk together, but If you can’t make a given meeting, don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself.


Guidelines for articles and letters to the Buffalo News can be found here.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz has set up a great page laying out how to write letters to the editor to local media here.

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