Published Writers


Ellen Banks

Letter:  Kudos to lakota nation for trying to halt pipeline  Published in Buffalo News on October 5, 2016

Charley Bowman

Letter: Wind project will not have negative impact on air base – Published in Buffalo News on November 27, 2016

Another Voice:  State shouldn’t bail out nuclear power plants- Published in Buffalo News on July 27, 2016

Robert Ciesielski

Another Voice:  New York takes the lead on methane pollution as Washington retreats- Published in Buffalo News on April 28, 2017

Another Voice:  Renewable energy will benefit everyone  Published in Buffalo News on March 15, 2017

Roger Cook

Letter:  Collins should disavow not support Donald Trump – Published in Buffalo News on October 16, 2016

Judy Fitzgerald

Letter: We must work together to reverse climate change – Published in Buffalo News on September 27, 2014

Letter: Let’s protect our planet, pursue renewable energy  – Published in Buffalo News on May 28, 2014

Letter: County fracking ban helps protect citizens – Published in Buffalo News on December 30, 2013

Letter: Let’s voice opposition to Keystone XL pipeline – Published in Buffalo News on April 19, 2013

Letter: Transparency is lacking in state fracking review – Published in Buffalo News on January 10, 2013

Letter: We must face reality about climate change – Published in Buffalo News on November 9, 2012

Mark LeCroix

Letter:   Do not back off from fight to alleviate climate changePublished in Buffalo News on December 28, 2016

Letter:  A Trump presidency will hurt environment- Published in Buffalo News on September 25, 2016

Bill Nowak

Opinion: Support geothermal tax credit times Published in Times Union on November 17, 2016

Another Voice: Geothermal tax credit would help protect jobs across New York – Published in the Buffalo News on August 22, 2016

Letter: Everyone should have great friend like mine – Published in Buffalo News on July 9, 2014

Letter: Replace fossil fuels with clean energy – Published in Buffalo News on March 21, 2014

Letter: Buffalo’s green future is a grass-roots effort – Published in Buffalo News on December 4, 2013

John S. Szalasny

Opinion: Pipeline’s effects on air, water should sink it with NY State – Published in The Lockport Journal on March 29, 2017

Letter: What is Collins reason to be anti-wind – Published in The Daily News On-Line on February 2, 2017

Letter:  Wind project will not impact Falls air base – Published in Buffalo News on January 15, 2017

Another Voice:  Exxon Mobil has a history of denying climate change – Published in Buffalo News on December 16, 2016

Letter: Trump policies would damage environment – Published in Buffalo News on October 2, 2016

Letter: Community should question state senator – Published in Amherst Bee on October 16, 2016

Letter: Buffalo should embrace Solar City Tesla merger – Published in Buffalo News on August 21, 2016

Letter: Economics have changed for pipeline project– Published in Amherst Bee on July 20, 2016

Letter: State should not grant approval for pipelines – Published in Buffalo News on May 19, 2016

Letter: Build a solar park at Huntley plant site – Published in Buffalo News on April 18, 2016

Richard Steinberg

Letter: Fracking threatens natural environmental wonders – Published in Buffalo News on August 24, 2014

Letter: Let the sun shine on city’s renaissance – Published in Buffalo News on November 18, 2013

Lynda Schneekloth

Lynda is interviewed and quoted in this NY Times article which was also printed in the BN: At climate change march, a clarion call for action By Lisa W. Foderaro NEW YORK TIMES on September 21, 2014

Another Voice: Advocates for action on climate change will take it to the streets in New York City – Published in Buffalo News on September 16, 2014

Letter: Obama’s advice on droughts is not a long-term solution – Published in Buffalo News on March 1, 2014

Letter: Focus more on green options to provide power for our region – Published in Buffalo News on August 19, 2013

Letter: Let’s ensure DEC is properly funded – Published in Buffalo News on May 15, 2013

We must drop fossil fuels now, not after fracking – Published in Buffalo News on January 6, 2012

Hydrofracking puts fresh water beyond reach for every – Published in Buffalo News on October 5, 2010

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